Happy Adoption Tails For Our Foster Dogs

Saturday was the best adoption day EVER and that’s no exaggeration. We work with a very small, all volunteer No Kill rescue group called Wags Strays. Thanks to their beliefs that all dogs deserve love and a caring home, they often take in the dogs that nobody else wants. So often we have several long timers, seniors or special needs dogs waiting to find their forever homes. As they are living beings, they don’t have an “expiration date” or a time that they must be adopted by. We will take as long as necessary to find each dog just the right home. The stars must have aligned just right this weekend as five of the Wags dogs went to their forever families. Here are their stories.

I got a message on Facebook back in February while I was on vacation in Vegas. There was a senior Dachshund whose family was divorcing and they were taking their three Dachshunds to the local shelter or putting them on Craigslist. My FB friend does Mastiff rescue but of course, has a Doxie so she reached out to me. She wanted us to take in the oldest one as a shelter is no place for any animal but especially not for a small senior like this pup. Then it became the question of-how do you only take one and send the others to the shelter? We had just sent our three foster puppies back to the shelter for adoption just before I left so I knew we had room at the Wiener Palace. Ok, we’ll take all three of them as long as they will get them updated on their vaccines and make a donation to the rescue for their care. It took awhile to get it all coordinated as they were out of state but finally we were able to meet them and pick up the three girls. There were a pair of 4  year old littermates that we called “the twins” and their older sister. One of the younger ones wouldn’t even let us touch her but we got them all packed up and headed back to Indy. The next day we realized that she wouldn’t let us touch her because her harness was on crooked and cutting into her underarm area. We had to take her to the vet so they could muzzle her and cut it off. Almost instantly, she was nicer to us. The twins didn’t appear to have much socialization although their sister had gone with their dad on his job as an over the road truck driver. We’ve been working with them over the last few weeks and they’ve made progress. One of the twins went on a home visit but was returned as they thought she was too bossy with one of their dogs. The older pup had no interest in her. Then we got an email from someone who wanted two dogs and was interested in adopting the twins together. It took some work on her part to get them to trust her but she was patient and kind with them and their adoption was finalized. Here are they are saying goodbye to us and heading home with their new mom. 20140426_104523

Earlier this month, I had a message from a FB friend who was interested in adopting the senior wiener. We corresponded for awhile and it seemed like they were ready to adopt her. They had lost their beautiful senior female doxie earlier in the year and decided it was just too soon to add a new family member as they were still grieving. She would check in with me to see if there was any interest in our older girl. Then this week, they got their sign that it was meant to be. There is a hot dog stand near them with the same name as our senior foster and they both drove by it one day. That was their sign. So we drove her up North to meet her new family that includes a pair of senior wieners and a pair of senior cats. I’ve seen pictures and even though it’s been only a day, it looks like it’s a perfect match for all of them. This is her sleeping on the way to meet her new family.20140426_124018

The other pair of adoptions were a couple of hound mix pups. Both had been with the rescue since they were puppies and had even gone on home visits but it never worked out for them. The older one got adopted by a family with active children and they live on a farm with fencing so he can run to his heart’s content. They are so tickled with him and I’m sure he’s equally happy. It was a long time to wait but well worth it. His sidekick  had also been waiting several years for someone to see the potential in him and they finally did! So that made five amazing adoptions this weekend. Five dogs in loving forever homes who might have not ended up with such happy endings. And five opening for more dogs to be saved and to find their happily ever after. To see the rest of the Wags dogs that are still waiting or to donate to them, please click  here. Thanks for opting to adopt.

Run Free Snorkels

sasha 4-10 Several years ago a friend of mine contacted me on a Sunday afternoon. She had been volunteering at our local shelter and someone had brought in a Dachshund. She was grossly overweight, matted, stunk of urine and her mouth had the stench of death. Of course I went and picked her up the next day and she became a foster. Given that she was twelve when her owners surrendered her, we didn’t have much hope for her being adopted. I took her to an adoption event and some ladies were there with Doberman rescue. I had no idea that the one was smitten until we received the adoption application later in the week. She just loved that little Doxie Moxie as she walked in the door and it was love at first sight. Sasha was adopted, re-named Snorkels and moved to Texas after a few years to chase the Long Horns. She ended up having all her teeth pulled but her four canines but she was a raw feeder. That little dog was so full of spunk and really enjoyed being a Texan. Sadly, her legs were giving out on her and her quality of life declined so she was helped over the Rainbow Bridge last week. She was an awesome pup and even though she was probably 16-17 when she passed, I cried like a baby. Run free Snorkels, I know  you’re up there bossing everybody around. Love you sweetie and we’ll never miss you. You were our first real “senior” dog and that’s kind of become our preferred dog to foster. The Wiener Palace misses you and does your Texas family and friends.

Sasha soon after being rescued      sasha 4-10 (2)




Snorkels heading to Texas with her new family snorkels  1-12 (2)sasha 11-10 (2)sasha 11-10 (2)

sasha 11-10 (2)

sasha 4-10sasha 11-10 (2)

sasha 11-10

sasha 4-10