It’s National Puppy Day

DSCF0556 May 2008 bdayfosterpups 044   Most of you know my thoughts on puppies. They’re smelly, they tear up things, potty all over and still end up being adult dogs in a short period of time. They are really cute and I would buy puppy breath in a bottle if I could. However I will never understand why some people are so set on getting a puppy rather than considering an older dog that could already be trained, housebroken, past the chewing stage and known to be good with children/dogs/cats. If you are willing to wait, every breed/age/sex/color/age of animal ends up in rescue at some time. Give me a one eyed diabetic senior dog instead of a puppy any day! But we do foster puppies about once a year to remind us how much work they really are. So here are some of our past puppy fosters. All of these puppies, both purebred and mixed breeds were all available for adoption through a rescue group or shelter.  Enjoy and remember to opt to adopt. foster pups for IACCD 7-5-09 022fosters july 09 part 2 027fosters 4-11 006fosters 11-09 024

Wiener Pupdates and More New Dogs

What a long winter this has been! Even though we didn’t have the snow and cold like we did last year, we got hit with it at the beginning of this month and it seemed like it would never end.  I’m pretty sure some of the herd was getting doggy cabin fever so it was great that we had a warm weekend and could take them all out walking. We’ve gained some pups over the last few months and lost one. It seems to go through cycles with the foster dogs. Sometimes there are a bunch needing  us and other times it’s just our six.

In the last month, we’ve added three foster dogs and had to send one over the Rainbow Bridge. Skittles and Reggie(names changed for the witness pup-tection program) were taken as neglect cases along with 59 cats. Their coats were literally so greasy that no fleas or ticks could get on them so we did get lucky with that. Even though both were free of parasites, they had horrible teeth and Skittles had a cherry eye that was growing into the surface of her eye. When we took Reggie in for his dental, he had been deteriorating mentally over the previous week. Based on his very poor neurological exam, back pain and poor prognosis we opted to let him go.20150223_103951 Skittles is doing great and is truly the perfect dog. She’s had a dental and her cherry eye removed and looks great! She’s a great size(trying to lose a little weight), very quiet, loves to snuggle, play fetch, go for walks. She’s a really cool dog and will be looking for a new home soon-available through Wags Stray Animal Foundation. 20150228_184724

Then we went to the dark side and got a Pug foster :) Her name is Arianna and she has an old spinal injury  so her care is similar to Dachshunds that have gone down in their back. She cracks me up every day with that silly face and goofy noises that she makes. It’s a good thing that the Wiener Palace is full or we might have ended up with a Pug living here. She will be adoptable through Every Dog Counts Rescue once her bladder problems are taken care of. She’s a sweet little dog and is doing great. 20150308_010252   So that’s what we’ve been up to. How have you all survived the winter? We’ve started some walks in Eagle Creek so I’ll leave you with a pic of the herd all out walking. Don’t forget to opt to adopt! 20150208_140546