Max the Hero Dog Movie is Coming

I love animal movies as long as the animal doesn’t die. I made the mistake of taking my nieces and nephews to see Skip. How was I supposed to know that *spoiler alert* the dog dies? I ended up with three crying children and only a handful of napkins. I learned my lesson with that one for sure. I’m really excited to see “Max” the latest dog movie that’s coming out.


Max is the story of a military dog that has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD after a horrific accident that kills his handler. Max gets sent back to the US to recover. But life is hard dealing with PTSD and Max has a difficult time learning to “be a dog” and trusting again. The movie shows his struggles to regain a normal life while living with his handler’s family as they all work through their grief.

We used to take our therapy dogs down to Camp Atterbury to visit with the soldiers as they were leaving to go overseas or as they returned home. There was one young guy in particular that I’ll always remember. He wouldn’t talk to any of us but finally asked if he could hold Fiona, our little blind dog. I handed her over and he went into the corner and just sat there holding her and whispering in her ear. I was so teary eyed that I walked away so they could have their private conversation. After about ten minutes, he stood up, handed her back to me, said “Thanks” and walked away. I hope he got what he needed from her. Other soldiers said they could relate to her because they had disabilities too. We really enjoyed supporting our military members.

Max  looks like it will be an amazing movie and I’m so lucky to get to go to a special screening on Wednesday, June 24. The movie will be released nationwide on Friday, June 26. I’ll definitely let you know how it was. In the meantime, here’s the trailer  and you can buy tickets here.