Days That Make You Go Hmmmm

Today is one of those days that you wonder why you got out of bed. Then you remember it’s because the smell of fresh poop interrupted your dream and there’s a dog climbing on your head and licking you that made you get up. It all went downhill from there. So I thought I would take a few days off work to hang out at home and theoretically clean some. I love how I always have these ideas in my head about all the things I will accomplish when I’m at home. Gotta say that the reality is that it really never happens that way and here’s why.

After I’ve been scaled like a mountain, I get up to start letting them out and there’s like three or four piles on poop on the floor already. I put half the herd out and start picking up the poop. I just put some of it in the toilet because here in ghettoland, the toilets don’t work properly so you can’t put too much in them. After throwing a little in there and flushing it, I went out to let the first four back in. I get back to the bedroom to get the rest of the dogs only to realize that the toilet has emptied out but is still flushing. There’s now clear ice cold water flowing all over the bathroom. I couldn’t get it to stop so I finally twisted the handle in the back to cut off the water. I’m throwing all kinds of towels and sheets in there to soak the water up to keep it from going in the bedroom. While I was picking up the towels from the bedroom, I noticed that somebody had peed on our bed so I had to strip that down all the way and start that laundry.

Next up, feeding all the dogs. That gets done pretty quickly and quietly because it’s me feeding them. They act like heathens when the head wiener feeds them. Currently Pebbles is out there barking at him because she can smell the chicken for our dinner and wants him to feed her. What a sassy brat! So I start a load of dishes and a load of laundry. While the laundry’s going, I start sorting through the mail. I was throwing away the junk mail when I realized that the washer had stopped so I headed off to switch out the laundry.  A few minutes later I hear noises from the kitchen and realize that I had left the trash bag sitting on the floor. I run out to the kitchen, yep the little darlings are pulling all the trash out. And on and on and on it went all day.

Now it’s raining and they’re all settled down and look like little angels. I’ve done a ton of laundry, still haven’t turned the water back on in that bathroom nor mopped the floor yet. I have three more days off so I better pace myself on all this cleaning. I guess it’s all worthwhile though when I look at all residents here and realize that they could very well have been killed in a shelter or ended up someplace awful if they hadn’t gotten to rescue. So in the long run, it’s all worth it even if I’ll never have the nice clean organized house(or any money). I’m sure these guys all appreciate it even if they don’t act like it at times. After we all have dinner, it will be time for snuggles since they kept me too busy today for any snuggling time. As always, thanks for opting to adopt!



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