Days That Make You Go Hmmmm

Today is one of those days that you wonder why you got out of bed. Then you remember it’s because the smell of fresh poop interrupted your dream and there’s a dog climbing on your head and licking you that made you get up. It all went downhill from there. So I thought I would take a few days off work to hang out at home and theoretically clean some. I love how I always have these ideas in my head about all the things I will accomplish when I’m at home. Gotta say that the reality is that it really never happens that way and here’s why.

After I’ve been scaled like a mountain, I get up to start letting them out and there’s like three or four piles on poop on the floor already. I put half the herd out and start picking up the poop. I just put some of it in the toilet because here in ghettoland, the toilets don’t work properly so you can’t put too much in them. After throwing a little in there and flushing it, I went out to let the first four back in. I get back to the bedroom to get the rest of the dogs only to realize that the toilet has emptied out but is still flushing. There’s now clear ice cold water flowing all over the bathroom. I couldn’t get it to stop so I finally twisted the handle in the back to cut off the water. I’m throwing all kinds of towels and sheets in there to soak the water up to keep it from going in the bedroom. While I was picking up the towels from the bedroom, I noticed that somebody had peed on our bed so I had to strip that down all the way and start that laundry.

Next up, feeding all the dogs. That gets done pretty quickly and quietly because it’s me feeding them. They act like heathens when the head wiener feeds them. Currently Pebbles is out there barking at him because she can smell the chicken for our dinner and wants him to feed her. What a sassy brat! So I start a load of dishes and a load of laundry. While the laundry’s going, I start sorting through the mail. I was throwing away the junk mail when I realized that the washer had stopped so I headed off to switch out the laundry.  A few minutes later I hear noises from the kitchen and realize that I had left the trash bag sitting on the floor. I run out to the kitchen, yep the little darlings are pulling all the trash out. And on and on and on it went all day.

Now it’s raining and they’re all settled down and look like little angels. I’ve done a ton of laundry, still haven’t turned the water back on in that bathroom nor mopped the floor yet. I have three more days off so I better pace myself on all this cleaning. I guess it’s all worthwhile though when I look at all residents here and realize that they could very well have been killed in a shelter or ended up someplace awful if they hadn’t gotten to rescue. So in the long run, it’s all worth it even if I’ll never have the nice clean organized house(or any money). I’m sure these guys all appreciate it even if they don’t act like it at times. After we all have dinner, it will be time for snuggles since they kept me too busy today for any snuggling time. As always, thanks for opting to adopt!



Wordless Wiener Wednesday-Nap Time

Well we had some excitement at the Wiener Palace last night. You can now add seizures to the other tons of illnesses that we have/are dealing with. Blitzen was at the vet all day getting some more testing done since he was recently diagnosed with kidney problems. He was there with Officer Chase(getting rehab) and psycho Sweet Tart who was getting her yearly. About two hours after getting home, Blitzen had a seizure. I called my vet and although we didn’t anticipate it being anything life threatening, I knew I would feel better if someone else looked at him so off to the emergency vet. I think that was the quickest and cheapest we’ve ever been out of there. I didn’t get much sleep as he was very restless all night so I worked from home today and here’s what the wiener herd did. Guess I could have gone to work after all. As always, thanks for opting to adopt.

DSCF0953 DSCF0955 DSCF0958 DSCF0959 DSCF0960

Wordless Wiener Wednesday-Low Riders

Last week was time for our monthly visit to the retirement village. The residents there are so sweet and get such a kick out of visiting with all the therapy dogs. Pebbles, our resident clown wiener, decided to have a ride on one of the lady’s scooters last month. This time the two of them took it to a new level. Yes, that’s silly Pebbles riding in the basket of the woman’s scooter as she rides up and down the halls. She will do anything for a laugh! As always, thanks for opting to adopt!

DSCF0543 2014 vegas fosters 065

Poop Goes The Wiener

So the cold weather and snow continues and still the garage door is not properly fixed. Hubby has been “working on it” at least a month now. I guess he doesn’t realize how annoying it is to not be able to get the door to open and close properly especially if you’ve got dogs with you. Our therapy dogs are starting a new volunteer job as bereavement/comfort dogs for a local cemetery and we needed to go to orientation. First I can’t get the garage door to open then once it gets open, I can’t get it to shut. I put the dogs in the car while it’s warming up and go stand by the door. According to the hubby, if you stand there and use your garage door opener(defeats the purpose of having one if you have to get out of the car)and “help” it close, then it will stay closed. No, not the way it worked for me at all. I swear it took me about five minutes to finally get it to shut most of the way, enough that I could leave. I try to open the car door, I guess one of the dogs had stepped on the door and locked it. Now I have to fight the garage door to go back inside to get the spare keys. Then it’s another five minutes of door wrangling before I can finally get in the car to leave. I looked down as I’m getting in the car and lo and behold, Pebbles the wonder brat had pooped in my seat. At this point, no way am I trying to open the garage door again. I grabbed the poop with some napkins and threw the whole thing into the snow. We finally made it to our orientation without missing too much. I’m really excited, I think it will be a real comfort to those who are mourning(assuming Pebbles doesn’t poop on them).

After going back home and fighting the garage door again, it was time to take foster baby Coco to the vet for a re-check. After a year and a half she had a family waiting to adopt her but the weather wasn’t cooperating and she burst an anal gland last week. I go through all the garage door drama and Coco is doing well, just needs to continue her antibiotics and re-check again in a week. We head back home stopping of course at the pet store so she can get some new squeaky toys and treats to take with her. We get home and I am fighting to get that darn garage door open. I finally manage to get it open half way so we can get inside. But at this point I can’t go anywhere and leave the door half open so I’m stuck at home. I text the hubby to tell him the door is stuck halfway and his brilliant one word response is “duck”. Maybe not the best response when you’re already in the dog house for not getting the garage door fixed. When he gets home, he then spends even more time trying to research the problem online. I’m over it and I’m calling a repair guy first thing on Monday.

Coco’s new family isn’t worried about the re-check, they’re just anxious to get her so we planned on taking her down on Sunday. As we’re packing her bags on Saturday night, hubby gets really sad and upset. Then he tells me that he really didn’t want to adopt her out and he’s sad about it. Well, it’s a little too late now. There is a family and small children expecting her to show up the next day. I tell him we can compromise and he can keep P-nut if he wants since she’s so stinking cute and has been with us for so long. While I do feel sorry for him, he really needed to speak up especially since I asked him about a million times if he was ok with her getting adopted. After more discussion it turns out that he’s still really sad about losing Tatianna and now he feels like he’s losing another dog that’s been with us for a long time.

Luckily the weather held out and we were able to drive down there on Sunday. They live in a beautiful area with woods and a small creek. Definitely a scent hound’s idea of paradise. We had taken Fiona with us so we let the dogs out to potty before going in. Coco wanted to track bunnies but finally peed and we went inside. Everything was going great, she was wandering around meeting everyone and checking out the rooms. She came back to the family room where we were and hubby says “she has to poop”. Now why he didn’t just pick her and put her outside, I’ll never know. I ask him why he thinks she has to poop and he points and says that it was already coming out. I pick her up and she proceeds to poop down my leg and onto their carpet.  I guess that’s a great test of how people will act to accidents. No biggie, they both cleaned it up along with the surprise she left in the other room. I took her outside to finish up and get it all out of her system. Silly dog, I guess maybe all the excitement got to her. Her meet and greet went great and she’s with her new family. They had gone to the store the night before and bought her a doggie bed and a bunch of squeaky toys(her idea of Heaven). How amazing that a family, especially one with young children, would be willing to adopt an 18 year old knowing they are going to have to have that hard talk with their children sooner rather than later. This isn’t the first time that we’ve adopted a senior out to a family with kids but I still think it’s amazing. They are teaching their children compassion for all living beings no matter how old they are. Here’s a pic of Coco with her new family. This is why we do what we do even thought sometimes it’s tough. I hope this week will bring less poop my way. Thanks for opting to adopt! DSCF0471

Fiona the doxie

February 2, 2014

Well the weather has been a tiny bit better this weekend but we did go from sub zero temps to rain to snow again all in a few days. This week was our first week back doing our pet therapy visits since we lost Tatianna. On Tuesday, it was time for our monthly visit to the retirement village. I love going there but I was really worried about how the residents would react to our loss. Tati had a very special friend there that always grabbed her as soon as we walked in. I was afraid that if started asking for her as we walked in, that I would start blubbering. I asked the Activities Coordinator to tell her and the others before we got there. They knew she was living on borrowed time and I had told them back in October that her time was limited but I wanted them to know before we just showed up without her. Let me back it up a few days, we were supposed to start back with our middle school reading program the previous Thursday. I had told the dogs we were “going to school” before I left for work that morning. When I got home to pick them up, I had to open the garage door manually since it wasn’t working right. Silly me, I turned the handle to get more leverage but all that did was lock the door. I go in and out through the garage all the time so I don’t even carry any house or garage keys. I had to call my hubby to come home and let me in. Since that took so long, we couldn’t go to the school that night. Pebbles, the original wiener, was so mad. She kept pushing her nose into my leg all night then barking at me. So sorry wiener, it just wasn’t going to happen.

When I got home last Tuesday, I told the dogs we were “going to work”. Pebbles went crazy and was bouncing all around. I went out and started my car since it was actually below zero outside and let it run for a while. I went out the front door(garage door still wasn’t working right) and went to put them in the car. Of course my back up key set fob had a dead battery. I was trying to balance the dogs in the freezing cold while unlocking the door. I finally got it done and headed back inside to lock up and get my purse but the front door wouldn’t open. Thankfully I had unlocked the door to the garage earlier so I had to go over there and fight with the garage door to get back in the house. Finally we were on our way and it only takes about five minutes to get there so the dogs weren’t buckled into their car seat. There was no place close to park so I pulled into a spot, opened my door and out ran Pebbles with no coat, collar or leash on. Naked wiener on the loose in the parking lot! I went running after her after locking the others in the car. Granted she was headed straight for the front door but you just don’t take off running through a parking lot. Grabbed her and went back to the car to get loaded up. When we got inside, she continued her naughty ways of not listening and trying to sneak out the door(she did succeed once). Don’t believe this sweet and innocent picture-that’s far from the truth.

pebbles in mailbox

pebbles in mailbox

On to Wednesday. Our 18 year old foster has a family that is very interested in adopting her so we’ve been working to get their application completed and arrange a time for us to go down there. We were hoping to take her down there this weekend but on Wednesday evening she started licking at her hind end. I didn’t see anything wrong with it other than it was a little red from all the licking. The next morning she seemed better so I wasn’t too worried about it. When I got home, it was time to try getting to the middle school to help the kids with their reading. I had planned to stop at a rep’s house on the way and do some more work then go over to the school. I loaded up the dogs and off we went. When I got to the stoplight by the school, Pebbles started whining because she recognized the area. Instead I turned and went to my friend’s house. I know she was mad because as soon as we walked in, she stopped and squeezed out a spot of pee right in the middle of her carpet. My friend’s a pet lover and has a dog and a cat so it wasn’t a big deal to her. I knew that it was Pebbles way of giving me the middle finger for not taking her to school. When we got to school. she was actually very well behaved but I wasn’t taking any chances so I stayed with her reading group and sent Fiona off with some other girls. That night Coco was back to licking herself and I looked at it again. Great, she’s ruptured an anal gland. Off to the vet bright and early on Friday morning to have it confirmed. She’s now on three meds and gets a re-check in a week. Her adoption has been pushed back yet again. Between the weather and her health I think it’s going to be Spring before she ever makes it down there.

That’s a pretty typical week in the life around here. That doesn’t even begin to touch on the goofy husband and the things he does or my work. Hope you’re having a Super Sunday. We’re gearing up for another snow storm in a few days. Officer Chase will head back to the vet on Tuesday for more rehab(if the weather cooperates) and hopefully Coco will get to her new family. Thanks for opting to adopt!

Time to Wash the Wieners

As a multidog household, we have to learn to do many things ourselves. This includes grooming the wiener herd. Lucky for me, we had a girl in our Dachshund Meetup group who showed Dachshunds and she taught me how to groom our dogs.  Once a month, everybody in the house gets their hair cut(except me). I used to use the same clippers on Jerry and the dogs but thought I would be nice and let him have his own. Now I have a grooming table with arm and some good dog clippers, thinning shears and high quality nail clippers. This has saved us a ton of money over the years. I think Dachshunds are some of the easiest dogs to maintain and best of all-no doggy smell! I didn’t really appreciate that until we adopted Tatianna last year. She is maybe a Lhasa/Chinese Crested mix and is definitely the Queen of the Wiener Palace. She was 15 when we adopted her and we thought she was going to be a hospice dog. This is what she looked like when she got to the shelter. tatianna 4-2012She was shaved down and this is her when she came to live with us. tatianna 6-10-12 011Well I had no idea how hard it was to keep a white fluffy dog like her looking and smelling clean. It’s been quite the job especially since she is not a fan of grooming and will attempt to bite you with those six or so teeth that are left in her head. I’ve put off having her groomed professionally even after we found out that her cancer had not spread and we removed the tumor she had. She gets so stressed that I didn’t want to risk her stroking our or worse during the grooming. Finally, we’ve had her over a year so I had to break down and do it. I found a groomer right outside my vet’s office and talked to them at length before making the appointment. Both the groomer and the vet knew my concerns and my vet even went over and picked her up after her grooming and took her back to their office so she could hang out with Pebbles the rest of the day. I have to tell you, that was the best $30 I think I’ve ever spent on the dogs! Usually I trim her face first then Jerry feeds her peanut butter while I do her body and avoid her nubby teeth. I’m guessing she was pretty good for them and this was the finished product DSCF0129I’m tickled that she looks so great and I didn’t have to fight with her. I’ve also told her that I will NEVER have another white fluffy dog like her with such fine hair that tangles so easy. Or if I do, I’ll make sure that dog is good with grooming. Now it’s the end of the month so time to groom the Doxies. Everybody gets nails, paws trimmed, ears cleaned and body trims if needed once a month. Here’s how my poor wieners get washed when they need a bath.

Clean wieners

Clean wieners

I want to give a shout out to Barx Boutique, you can maintain the Queen’s look and save me some grief. They also have a bakery so I picked up some treats for the wiener herd while I was down there. DSCF0133They also have some really cute clothes. I bought the girls an outfit to wear to the retirement facility next week. DSCF0123You can check out their shop by clicking on their name above. They also do photography but I think Tati had enough stress for that day. Do you groom your own dogs or pay someone to do it? This was my first experience having a dog groomed but it was well worth it!  Dog Bless the groomers who battle with our dogs so we can enjoy clean pups. You have my endless appreciation for the work you do. P.S. About an hour after getting her home, Jerry went to feed the dogs. He wrapped one of her supplements in cheese which then got stuck in her ears. She was sucking on her ear, trying to get the cheese out. So much for the nice clean fluffy dog!

Yorkies and Puppies and Geeks-Oh My

This week begins my husband’s favorite time of the year-Gen Con. I seriously think the only reason he moved to Indy was so he could save on housing and travel to hang out there. He was 40 when we married and he had always been single and a gamer. His friends would drive over and stay at the house for the week. I hate to think what the house must have looked/smelled like during those times. The year after we married, his friends were planning on doing their usual pilgrimage over here so I went to Las Vegas for the week. Sadly, I can’t afford to do that every year so I’ve shared our house with some of  his gaming friends over the years.

One of his friends has come over every year to go to Gen Con, I’ll call him Bill. As a 60 ish year old single man that is a gamer, he is somewhat socially inept. He’s a very nice guy but will not even look me in the eyes when talking to me because I’m a female and that just makes him downright uncomfortable. He is also scared of dogs. So he is supposed to be here on Friday night one year and I’m thinking he’ll probably be in late like Jerry. Gen Con runs 24 hours a day from Wednesday through Sunday afternoon so there really isn’t any down time for them. I hear someone trying to come in through the garage early on Friday but of course I can’t see the garage door from the front door. Finally the door bell rings and the dogs start going crazy. I realize it’s Bill and yell through the door that I need to put the dogs out before opening the front door. At the time, we were fostering a momma Beagle mix and her three young puppies

foster pups for IACCD 6-09 004

and a biting elderly Yorkie foster


along with our wiener herd.

Everybody was outside while he was bringing his clothes in. In the middle of this, I noticed that the fence was down and the puppies were running wild. I opened the sliding door and let the other dogs in and went to chase the puppies. When I got back in, the herd had Bill trapped behind the baby gate. He looked like he was going to pass out at any time, sweating profusely and looking all googly eyed. Did I mention that he’s scared of dogs, even little ankle biters? I finally get everyone put away and that’s the end of day one.

The next night I get home and Bill is already there. He is sitting in the extra bedroom looking at  his laptop in the dark. When I ask him why he isn’t in the living room, he said he didn’t want to bother the dogs. I told him that it’s our house so heck with the dogs and bothering them. Everybody sleeps peacefully and when we wake up, it’s Sunday morning. Jerry is going to make breakfast for us before they head back to the final day of Gen Con. We would get up early and try to get the dogs out and pottied before Bill would get up so he wouldn’t have to worry about them. Jerry lets Nelson, the biting Yorkie back in. As he comes in, he stops and shakes himself and poop flings everywhere-all over the kitchen floor. Jerry goes to pick him up and clean his butt and Nelson bites his thumb. As Jerry is standing in the middle of the poo splattered floor with the Yorkie hanging off his thumb and blood dripping from it, Bill walks into the kitchen. As we’re cleaning it all up, Jerry asks Bill what he would like for breakfast. The poor guy stammers and looks like he’s about to throw up. He ends up saying he needs to get home to his mom so he’s just going straight to Gen Con. I think if he could have disappeared then and there, he would have.

That was the last time that Bill stayed for any length of time at the Wiener Palace. Every year his stay has been shorter and shorter. This year Jerry told him that we were up to ten dogs including fosters and Bill said he would not be staying over at all. I do really feel sorry for him, I can’t imagine being so afraid of dogs(and women). Come to think of it, the last two years he had to share his room with our cat. I guess we finally did him in with the magic number of ten. I hope they all have a great time at Gen Con where the only animals will be people in costume.