Happy Wiener Wednesday and New Pups at the Palace

We all hope everyone’s having a great Wiener Wednesday. We’ve had two new additions to the Wiener Palace in the last month. We adopted silly Lily from DRNA as our Christmas present. She’s a sweet little dog but will need to have some mammary tumors removed soon. lily 2014Then when I was trying to take foster baby P-nut to adoptions, my husband decided she was already home. She’s such a pretty little pup but it’s like having a kid. She has a snotty nose frequently and you have to wipe it. Lucky for all of us, she’s very patient and tolerates it well. We’ve had her for about two years as a foster due to her medical issues and it was time for her to get adopted one way or another. So that makes an even half dozen wieners that call the Wiener Palace their permanent home. I’m sure we’ll have more fosters to share soon. Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas from the Wiener Palace

It’s been an rough but interesting year here at the Wiener Palace. We lost our Queen early in the year then Blitzen in the fall. We recently added sweet Lily to the herd just in time for Christmas. She’s very silly and I’m sure you’ll be seeing and hearing more about her in the months to come. First up for her is surgery to removed some mammary tumors and we’ll go from there. Merry Christmas from our palace to yours. Remember our motto if you’re thinking of adding a furry friend-Adopt don’t Shop!

The first picture is from Christmas 2013 as is the second one.  The next four are from this year. Lily is the reindeer hanging out on Santa’s lap and our Queen rounds out the pictures with a goodbye with a picture taken last year as we were leaving the retirement village.

santa pic 2013 part 2 DSCF041920141204_17142710556363_784157404989151_4237855215467866618_n10857815_784157591655799_8285129037187677491_n10516673_784157668322458_1787464954877896402_nDSCF0447

Run Free Sweet Prince

Sorry to have been MIA with posts lately. I’ve started and added to this post so many times over the last month but every time I end up stopping. It’s just been too difficult to relive the whole thing especially with Fiona’s health problems. I finally just had to force myself to sit and type and let the emotions run over.  It’s a good thing this isn’t on paper or it would be soggy from tears.

Sadly, the Wiener Palace has lost another member of its court. Our sweet beautiful Blitzen crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Monday August 11.blitzen at mwdf 2010 Blitzen was originally adopted from Wags Strays to keep Officer Chase company. Little did we know that Officer Chase was a lady’s man but didn’t want a male buddy. Poor Blitzen was always blamed by Chase if anything happened to him. It didn’t matter if one of us accidentally tripped over him or if one of the other dogs ran into him, everything was Blitzen’s fault. Even though they didn’t end up being buddies, he found a BFF in a little female we adopted the next year, Cocoa Puff. They truly loved each other and would snuggle up together and even took baths together.

Clean wieners

Clean wieners

Blitzen had many heart problems, most likely due to lack of medical care. He was found wandering on a horse farm and was still intact with a mouth full of nasty teeth. Not too long after we adopted him, I felt like something was wrong with him. After several tests, we found out that he had heart problems. He did really well on minimal meds until a few years ago. Then he was really sick one New Year’s Eve morning and we rushed him to the emergency vet. They said that he was in congestive heart failure and he started on several different heart meds. He was still doing really well until a few weeks before he died. He was at the vet all day with two of his siblings and was being checked out for his coughing. Just about an hour after he got home, he had a seizure. We again rushed to the emergency vet and amazingly enough it was the same vet that had diagnosed his CHF years ago. He was so surprised to see him still alive and doing well. Blitzen seemed off after that but was pretty much back to normal until that early Monday morning. I woke up to his very noisy breathing. I took him out and got him a drink of water which usually helped but not this time. I told hubby I was taking him to the emergency vet because I was afraid he would have another seizure because breathing seemed to be such an effort for him.blitzen in fido rido (2)blitzen

The vet was a different one so while he was not familiar with Blitzen’s history, we had enough paperwork to give him an idea of his heart problems. He determined that his congestive heart failure was worsening but they were able to get him calmed down and resting. Unfortunately, he took a turn for the worse later that morning. The emergency vet is only open until 8 AM so I went to pick him up and take him to his regular vet but his poor old heart gave out on the way down there.  Both vets believe that his chordae tendineae ruptured. I think his heart was just so big and so full of love and joy for everyone that he met, that it just couldn’t contain itself any more.

Blitzen is the only dog that I’ve ever seen that truly was emotional. When he was sad, he would cry real tears and when he was happy, he would smile. He was the sweetest, most loving dog ever and I miss him terribly. 1914514_150823266772_4555997_nThe only consolation is knowing he’s back with his BFF Cocoa Puff who died almost exactly four years before him. Blitzen is gone but he left behind a legacy that I didn’t realize until I contacted the rescue that we adopted him from to let them know that he had passed. We adopted him late one year and about six months later, they called and asked if we could foster a Dachshund for them that was at the shelter and going to be euthanized. We agreed and have fostered for them now for over seven years and countless dogs. If we hadn’t adopted Blitzen, those dogs may not have been saved. And that’s the legacy that my sweet smiling boy has left behind. I see him when I look at our current foster dog P-nut and know that he saved her life. Run free my little Prince. I love you so much and will see you at the Rainbow Bridge with Cocoa Puff.dog picsblitzenblitzen blitzen


Wordless Wiener Wednesday-Nap Time

Well we had some excitement at the Wiener Palace last night. You can now add seizures to the other tons of illnesses that we have/are dealing with. Blitzen was at the vet all day getting some more testing done since he was recently diagnosed with kidney problems. He was there with Officer Chase(getting rehab) and psycho Sweet Tart who was getting her yearly. About two hours after getting home, Blitzen had a seizure. I called my vet and although we didn’t anticipate it being anything life threatening, I knew I would feel better if someone else looked at him so off to the emergency vet. I think that was the quickest and cheapest we’ve ever been out of there. I didn’t get much sleep as he was very restless all night so I worked from home today and here’s what the wiener herd did. Guess I could have gone to work after all. As always, thanks for opting to adopt.

DSCF0953 DSCF0955 DSCF0958 DSCF0959 DSCF0960

Yappy Birthday Sweet Tart

Our “baby” at the Wiener Palace turns eight today. For some dogs, that might seem old but she is the youngest of our herd. She ended up here in a roundabout way. We were adopting Cocoa Puff from a rescue in Evansville and they were contacted by Sweet Tart’s owner who wanted to surrender her. Since she was in Indianapolis like we were, they convinced her to surrender Sweetie to the rescue in Indy. Her owner had purchased her from a puppy mill and has her shipped to her to use for breeding. When she got her, the owner decided that she didn’t have a good personality so she didn’t want to breed her. She said that she wouldn’t come out of her crate and screamed when the other dogs got near. sweet tart 3

She contacted the original owner who shipped her a replacement dog but didn’t want Sweetie back(at that time). The owner’s plan was to breed Dachshunds to pay her way through vet tech school. I’m going to go with that being an epic fail of a plan! Jerry picked her up on a very cool snowy January afternoon as I was returning from a business trip. She was surrendered in a crate with nothing else-no food, collar or even bedding. On the ride home, she pooped in the crate and we had to get a towel from a friend’s house to keep her from rolling around in the nasty crate. When we got home, I had to tip the crate to get her out. Inside that crate was the nastiest, skinniest little dog. She had sores all the way up her spine and tail, was urine scalded on her hind end and had very little hair. It’s hard to tell from these pictures but she looked awful. DSCF0012When I took her to the vet the next morning, some ladies were whispering about how awful she looked and how could I let my dog look like that. I couldn’t take it and ended up telling them off. She was a pathetic, sickly mess. She had giardia, all sorts of internal parasites and a staph skin infection. The poor thing was sickly for so long and my husband grew attached to her. After a few months, she got hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and was really one sick puppy. We had to do fluids on her at home and try to keep her strong so she didn’t have to be hospitalized. I think it was during this time that my husband decided he couldn’t let her go. Here she is laying under the heating pad to maintain her temperature. Waylon sweetie while sick 4-08 014In the meantime, I had contacted the vet clinic that had vaccinated her before she came into rescue. The original owner had bought her for breeding and was told that she was a free whelper but she had a scar on her abdomen. I was trying to find out if she had been spayed or not. When they found out who I was calling about, they were no longer willing to talk to me. I emailed the breeder asking her about Sweetie but she flew into a rage and demanded that she be returned to her. She went so far as to threaten the original owner and demand Sweet Tart and the replacement dog(who had tiny puppies)be returned. The owner returned the replacement dog but Sweetie went into the witness Puptection program. dog costumes 2-08 035There was no way that I was going to return a dog to someone who allowed it to be so sick and then to ship it out of state in that condition. Luckily the breeder gave up on Sweetie when she got the other dogs back. For hubby’s birthday that year, he got a bouncing 8 pound chocolate baby dog. She’s a good dog but even though she was only in the mill under two years, she’s not right in the head. Everything’s scary to her. She has bloody diarrhea if she gets too stressed out. She is apparently a carrier of Giardia and it becomes active again every so often. She finally lets people pet her at our Dachshund Meetup groups but last time all she would do is sit in the corner. I finally realized it was because we changed her routine and she had ridden with a different dog in her crate on the way there. 2014 vegas fosters 053Happy Birthday Sweet Tart or cuckoo bean nut job as she’s affectionately known. I can’t believe our baby is all grown up.  As always, thanks for opting to adopt and save dogs the trauma that Sweetie went through. dog pics april 08 029

Happy Adoption Tails For Our Foster Dogs

Saturday was the best adoption day EVER and that’s no exaggeration. We work with a very small, all volunteer No Kill rescue group called Wags Strays. Thanks to their beliefs that all dogs deserve love and a caring home, they often take in the dogs that nobody else wants. So often we have several long timers, seniors or special needs dogs waiting to find their forever homes. As they are living beings, they don’t have an “expiration date” or a time that they must be adopted by. We will take as long as necessary to find each dog just the right home. The stars must have aligned just right this weekend as five of the Wags dogs went to their forever families. Here are their stories.

I got a message on Facebook back in February while I was on vacation in Vegas. There was a senior Dachshund whose family was divorcing and they were taking their three Dachshunds to the local shelter or putting them on Craigslist. My FB friend does Mastiff rescue but of course, has a Doxie so she reached out to me. She wanted us to take in the oldest one as a shelter is no place for any animal but especially not for a small senior like this pup. Then it became the question of-how do you only take one and send the others to the shelter? We had just sent our three foster puppies back to the shelter for adoption just before I left so I knew we had room at the Wiener Palace. Ok, we’ll take all three of them as long as they will get them updated on their vaccines and make a donation to the rescue for their care. It took awhile to get it all coordinated as they were out of state but finally we were able to meet them and pick up the three girls. There were a pair of 4  year old littermates that we called “the twins” and their older sister. One of the younger ones wouldn’t even let us touch her but we got them all packed up and headed back to Indy. The next day we realized that she wouldn’t let us touch her because her harness was on crooked and cutting into her underarm area. We had to take her to the vet so they could muzzle her and cut it off. Almost instantly, she was nicer to us. The twins didn’t appear to have much socialization although their sister had gone with their dad on his job as an over the road truck driver. We’ve been working with them over the last few weeks and they’ve made progress. One of the twins went on a home visit but was returned as they thought she was too bossy with one of their dogs. The older pup had no interest in her. Then we got an email from someone who wanted two dogs and was interested in adopting the twins together. It took some work on her part to get them to trust her but she was patient and kind with them and their adoption was finalized. Here are they are saying goodbye to us and heading home with their new mom. 20140426_104523

Earlier this month, I had a message from a FB friend who was interested in adopting the senior wiener. We corresponded for awhile and it seemed like they were ready to adopt her. They had lost their beautiful senior female doxie earlier in the year and decided it was just too soon to add a new family member as they were still grieving. She would check in with me to see if there was any interest in our older girl. Then this week, they got their sign that it was meant to be. There is a hot dog stand near them with the same name as our senior foster and they both drove by it one day. That was their sign. So we drove her up North to meet her new family that includes a pair of senior wieners and a pair of senior cats. I’ve seen pictures and even though it’s been only a day, it looks like it’s a perfect match for all of them. This is her sleeping on the way to meet her new family.20140426_124018

The other pair of adoptions were a couple of hound mix pups. Both had been with the rescue since they were puppies and had even gone on home visits but it never worked out for them. The older one got adopted by a family with active children and they live on a farm with fencing so he can run to his heart’s content. They are so tickled with him and I’m sure he’s equally happy. It was a long time to wait but well worth it. His sidekick  had also been waiting several years for someone to see the potential in him and they finally did! So that made five amazing adoptions this weekend. Five dogs in loving forever homes who might have not ended up with such happy endings. And five opening for more dogs to be saved and to find their happily ever after. To see the rest of the Wags dogs that are still waiting or to donate to them, please click  here. Thanks for opting to adopt.

Run Free Snorkels

sasha 4-10 Several years ago a friend of mine contacted me on a Sunday afternoon. She had been volunteering at our local shelter and someone had brought in a Dachshund. She was grossly overweight, matted, stunk of urine and her mouth had the stench of death. Of course I went and picked her up the next day and she became a foster. Given that she was twelve when her owners surrendered her, we didn’t have much hope for her being adopted. I took her to an adoption event and some ladies were there with Doberman rescue. I had no idea that the one was smitten until we received the adoption application later in the week. She just loved that little Doxie Moxie as she walked in the door and it was love at first sight. Sasha was adopted, re-named Snorkels and moved to Texas after a few years to chase the Long Horns. She ended up having all her teeth pulled but her four canines but she was a raw feeder. That little dog was so full of spunk and really enjoyed being a Texan. Sadly, her legs were giving out on her and her quality of life declined so she was helped over the Rainbow Bridge last week. She was an awesome pup and even though she was probably 16-17 when she passed, I cried like a baby. Run free Snorkels, I know  you’re up there bossing everybody around. Love you sweetie and we’ll never miss you. You were our first real “senior” dog and that’s kind of become our preferred dog to foster. The Wiener Palace misses you and does your Texas family and friends.

Sasha soon after being rescued      sasha 4-10 (2)




Snorkels heading to Texas with her new family snorkels  1-12 (2)sasha 11-10 (2)sasha 11-10 (2)

sasha 11-10 (2)

sasha 4-10sasha 11-10 (2)

sasha 11-10

sasha 4-10

Poop Goes The Wiener

So the cold weather and snow continues and still the garage door is not properly fixed. Hubby has been “working on it” at least a month now. I guess he doesn’t realize how annoying it is to not be able to get the door to open and close properly especially if you’ve got dogs with you. Our therapy dogs are starting a new volunteer job as bereavement/comfort dogs for a local cemetery and we needed to go to orientation. First I can’t get the garage door to open then once it gets open, I can’t get it to shut. I put the dogs in the car while it’s warming up and go stand by the door. According to the hubby, if you stand there and use your garage door opener(defeats the purpose of having one if you have to get out of the car)and “help” it close, then it will stay closed. No, not the way it worked for me at all. I swear it took me about five minutes to finally get it to shut most of the way, enough that I could leave. I try to open the car door, I guess one of the dogs had stepped on the door and locked it. Now I have to fight the garage door to go back inside to get the spare keys. Then it’s another five minutes of door wrangling before I can finally get in the car to leave. I looked down as I’m getting in the car and lo and behold, Pebbles the wonder brat had pooped in my seat. At this point, no way am I trying to open the garage door again. I grabbed the poop with some napkins and threw the whole thing into the snow. We finally made it to our orientation without missing too much. I’m really excited, I think it will be a real comfort to those who are mourning(assuming Pebbles doesn’t poop on them).

After going back home and fighting the garage door again, it was time to take foster baby Coco to the vet for a re-check. After a year and a half she had a family waiting to adopt her but the weather wasn’t cooperating and she burst an anal gland last week. I go through all the garage door drama and Coco is doing well, just needs to continue her antibiotics and re-check again in a week. We head back home stopping of course at the pet store so she can get some new squeaky toys and treats to take with her. We get home and I am fighting to get that darn garage door open. I finally manage to get it open half way so we can get inside. But at this point I can’t go anywhere and leave the door half open so I’m stuck at home. I text the hubby to tell him the door is stuck halfway and his brilliant one word response is “duck”. Maybe not the best response when you’re already in the dog house for not getting the garage door fixed. When he gets home, he then spends even more time trying to research the problem online. I’m over it and I’m calling a repair guy first thing on Monday.

Coco’s new family isn’t worried about the re-check, they’re just anxious to get her so we planned on taking her down on Sunday. As we’re packing her bags on Saturday night, hubby gets really sad and upset. Then he tells me that he really didn’t want to adopt her out and he’s sad about it. Well, it’s a little too late now. There is a family and small children expecting her to show up the next day. I tell him we can compromise and he can keep P-nut if he wants since she’s so stinking cute and has been with us for so long. While I do feel sorry for him, he really needed to speak up especially since I asked him about a million times if he was ok with her getting adopted. After more discussion it turns out that he’s still really sad about losing Tatianna and now he feels like he’s losing another dog that’s been with us for a long time.

Luckily the weather held out and we were able to drive down there on Sunday. They live in a beautiful area with woods and a small creek. Definitely a scent hound’s idea of paradise. We had taken Fiona with us so we let the dogs out to potty before going in. Coco wanted to track bunnies but finally peed and we went inside. Everything was going great, she was wandering around meeting everyone and checking out the rooms. She came back to the family room where we were and hubby says “she has to poop”. Now why he didn’t just pick her and put her outside, I’ll never know. I ask him why he thinks she has to poop and he points and says that it was already coming out. I pick her up and she proceeds to poop down my leg and onto their carpet.  I guess that’s a great test of how people will act to accidents. No biggie, they both cleaned it up along with the surprise she left in the other room. I took her outside to finish up and get it all out of her system. Silly dog, I guess maybe all the excitement got to her. Her meet and greet went great and she’s with her new family. They had gone to the store the night before and bought her a doggie bed and a bunch of squeaky toys(her idea of Heaven). How amazing that a family, especially one with young children, would be willing to adopt an 18 year old knowing they are going to have to have that hard talk with their children sooner rather than later. This isn’t the first time that we’ve adopted a senior out to a family with kids but I still think it’s amazing. They are teaching their children compassion for all living beings no matter how old they are. Here’s a pic of Coco with her new family. This is why we do what we do even thought sometimes it’s tough. I hope this week will bring less poop my way. Thanks for opting to adopt! DSCF0471

Rock on Senior Wiener!

Happy Wordless Wiener Wednesday everyone. I’ve got some outstanding news to announce. Our almost 18 year old foster is going to be adopted as soon as the weather lets up! We took in Coco and her brother Sammy in the summer of 2012. sammy and coco (2)They were owner surrendered with a request for euthanasia due to age and illness. Lucky for them, the staff realized that being elderly is not a crime that should be punishable by death. So we pulled them for Wags Strays and off they went. They were supposedly 16 at their time of surrender and we honestly thought they would end up their lives at the wiener palace. Sadly Sammy was an insulin dependent diabetic which we didn’t realize until his blood work came back. By then he was in diabetic ketoacidosis compounded by pneumonia and sadly we had to let him go after only a week.

Coco has been here living the high life as part of our “Royal trio”.midwest dachshund festival 2012 024 I really couldn’t believe it when I got an email stating that she had a family seriously interested in her. We’ve talked by phone and e-mail very frequently and I think it will be wonderful for Coco to have her own kids and a dog friend to hang out with. She’ll get more individual attention, daily walks and all the squeaky toys she can handle. I’m not sure who’s more excited-them or me. Although she was more than welcome to live out her life here, I think this is an amazing opportunity for her and for their family. They’ve explained to the children about her age and that she may not have much time with them but they’re determined to make it quality time. I hope the weather holds out and we can get her to her forever home this weekend. Good luck Coco,  you’ve been an awesome foster and we love you!!!!

midwest dachshund festival 2012 019