Don’t Bite My Booty

I swear we have the oddest things happen here at the Wiener Palace. We live up by a major city park that is very wooded and full of wildlife so we often have them run through our back yard. We’ve seen deer, raccoons, ducks, geese, all sorts of birds and even a coyote out there. It’s kind of scary because all the dogs here are under 14 pounds and could easily be seriously injured or even killed by some of these animals. I am always very careful to stay at the door and watch them while they are out back but sometimes even that isn’t enough. We have some resident black snakes that hang around our house. I’m glad they are here since they help keep the rodent population down but they’ve also bit our dogs twice. We were able to treat them at home and the dogs didn’t have any severe reactions. Now the spiders, that’s a whole ‘nother story. Apparently our little blind Princess Fiona McSnuggles got bit by a spider sometime late Tuesday night. We were at the retirement village that evening and everything seemed fine. It was really warm because they were having problems with their air conditioning but the girls and residents had a blast.

Everything seemed fine but the next morning Jerry told me that Fiona was “nervous” and shaking. I could tell she was in pain but I thought she had twisted her back the night before. I headed straight to the vet and figured they would do some laser or acupuncture and she would be fine. I was astonished when Dr. Cindy called and said she had an area on her booty that looked like a spider bite. They lasered it and put her on some pain pills, steroids and antibiotics. The next morning it took off and began swelling and getting redder. From the time I got up to the time we got back to the vet, it was so much nastier looking. This time it was full of pus and she was running a fever. They ended up putting in a drain and adding a pain patch and another antibiotic. The poor little thing was wiped out by the whole experience but she did end up with a cute camo bandage on her pain patch. DSCF0174Due to her blindness, she does not tolerate the “cone of shame”. She ends up getting so anxious and frothing at the mouth. So when we had to leave for a bit on Saturday, we left after her pain meds had kicked in. When we got back, I could see that she had been licking at that area and the next day, the drain was almost all the way out. I went ahead and removed it and the sutures and it was healing up great. She had her re-check on Tuesday and everything is healing wonderfully and just as quickly as it came up. She was growing some nasty things in that pus but her antibiotics worked on those. She’s still a little run down from the whole experience but she looks great. She hasn’t gone back to work just yet and she is sporting a big bald patch on her booty and the back of her neck. I bought her a pretty flower to cover her neck so once she feels up to it, we’ll head back to the nursing home for our weekly visits. Now I’m paranoid any time I see a spider and that’s pretty often around here. I’m so glad that I took her to the vet on Wednesday rather than just assuming it was her back and waiting. I think it resolved so quickly since we caught it early on. Sometimes I feel like I am a nervous dog mom and am overthinking their every movement but in this case I’m very glad we caught it so quickly. I would say to listen to your inner voice. They can’t tell us what’s going on or where they hurt. We are their advocate adn have to speak up for them since they are unable to. I would also warn you- Beware the spiders!




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    • she is doing much better and will be attending her third event since then. I’m so used to them pulling a muscle or having a little pain but I’m so glad this time that I didn’t wait. She was such a good patient.

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