Max the Hero Dog Movie is Coming

I love animal movies as long as the animal doesn’t die. I made the mistake of taking my nieces and nephews to see Skip. How was I supposed to know that *spoiler alert* the dog dies? I ended up with three crying children and only a handful of napkins. I learned my lesson with that one for sure. I’m really excited to see “Max” the latest dog movie that’s coming out.


Max is the story of a military dog that has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD after a horrific accident that kills his handler. Max gets sent back to the US to recover. But life is hard dealing with PTSD and Max has a difficult time learning to “be a dog” and trusting again. The movie shows his struggles to regain a normal life while living with his handler’s family as they all work through their grief.

We used to take our therapy dogs down to Camp Atterbury to visit with the soldiers as they were leaving to go overseas or as they returned home. There was one young guy in particular that I’ll always remember. He wouldn’t talk to any of us but finally asked if he could hold Fiona, our little blind dog. I handed her over and he went into the corner and just sat there holding her and whispering in her ear. I was so teary eyed that I walked away so they could have their private conversation. After about ten minutes, he stood up, handed her back to me, said “Thanks” and walked away. I hope he got what he needed from her. Other soldiers said they could relate to her because they had disabilities too. We really enjoyed supporting our military members.

Max  looks like it will be an amazing movie and I’m so lucky to get to go to a special screening on Wednesday, June 24. The movie will be released nationwide on Friday, June 26. I’ll definitely let you know how it was. In the meantime, here’s the trailer  and you can buy tickets here.

Yappy Birthday Sweet Tart

Our “baby” at the Wiener Palace turns eight today. For some dogs, that might seem old but she is the youngest of our herd. She ended up here in a roundabout way. We were adopting Cocoa Puff from a rescue in Evansville and they were contacted by Sweet Tart’s owner who wanted to surrender her. Since she was in Indianapolis like we were, they convinced her to surrender Sweetie to the rescue in Indy. Her owner had purchased her from a puppy mill and has her shipped to her to use for breeding. When she got her, the owner decided that she didn’t have a good personality so she didn’t want to breed her. She said that she wouldn’t come out of her crate and screamed when the other dogs got near. sweet tart 3

She contacted the original owner who shipped her a replacement dog but didn’t want Sweetie back(at that time). The owner’s plan was to breed Dachshunds to pay her way through vet tech school. I’m going to go with that being an epic fail of a plan! Jerry picked her up on a very cool snowy January afternoon as I was returning from a business trip. She was surrendered in a crate with nothing else-no food, collar or even bedding. On the ride home, she pooped in the crate and we had to get a towel from a friend’s house to keep her from rolling around in the nasty crate. When we got home, I had to tip the crate to get her out. Inside that crate was the nastiest, skinniest little dog. She had sores all the way up her spine and tail, was urine scalded on her hind end and had very little hair. It’s hard to tell from these pictures but she looked awful. DSCF0012When I took her to the vet the next morning, some ladies were whispering about how awful she looked and how could I let my dog look like that. I couldn’t take it and ended up telling them off. She was a pathetic, sickly mess. She had giardia, all sorts of internal parasites and a staph skin infection. The poor thing was sickly for so long and my husband grew attached to her. After a few months, she got hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and was really one sick puppy. We had to do fluids on her at home and try to keep her strong so she didn’t have to be hospitalized. I think it was during this time that my husband decided he couldn’t let her go. Here she is laying under the heating pad to maintain her temperature. Waylon sweetie while sick 4-08 014In the meantime, I had contacted the vet clinic that had vaccinated her before she came into rescue. The original owner had bought her for breeding and was told that she was a free whelper but she had a scar on her abdomen. I was trying to find out if she had been spayed or not. When they found out who I was calling about, they were no longer willing to talk to me. I emailed the breeder asking her about Sweetie but she flew into a rage and demanded that she be returned to her. She went so far as to threaten the original owner and demand Sweet Tart and the replacement dog(who had tiny puppies)be returned. The owner returned the replacement dog but Sweetie went into the witness Puptection program. dog costumes 2-08 035There was no way that I was going to return a dog to someone who allowed it to be so sick and then to ship it out of state in that condition. Luckily the breeder gave up on Sweetie when she got the other dogs back. For hubby’s birthday that year, he got a bouncing 8 pound chocolate baby dog. She’s a good dog but even though she was only in the mill under two years, she’s not right in the head. Everything’s scary to her. She has bloody diarrhea if she gets too stressed out. She is apparently a carrier of Giardia and it becomes active again every so often. She finally lets people pet her at our Dachshund Meetup groups but last time all she would do is sit in the corner. I finally realized it was because we changed her routine and she had ridden with a different dog in her crate on the way there. 2014 vegas fosters 053Happy Birthday Sweet Tart or cuckoo bean nut job as she’s affectionately known. I can’t believe our baby is all grown up.  As always, thanks for opting to adopt and save dogs the trauma that Sweetie went through. dog pics april 08 029

Rock on Senior Wiener!

Happy Wordless Wiener Wednesday everyone. I’ve got some outstanding news to announce. Our almost 18 year old foster is going to be adopted as soon as the weather lets up! We took in Coco and her brother Sammy in the summer of 2012. sammy and coco (2)They were owner surrendered with a request for euthanasia due to age and illness. Lucky for them, the staff realized that being elderly is not a crime that should be punishable by death. So we pulled them for Wags Strays and off they went. They were supposedly 16 at their time of surrender and we honestly thought they would end up their lives at the wiener palace. Sadly Sammy was an insulin dependent diabetic which we didn’t realize until his blood work came back. By then he was in diabetic ketoacidosis compounded by pneumonia and sadly we had to let him go after only a week.

Coco has been here living the high life as part of our “Royal trio”.midwest dachshund festival 2012 024 I really couldn’t believe it when I got an email stating that she had a family seriously interested in her. We’ve talked by phone and e-mail very frequently and I think it will be wonderful for Coco to have her own kids and a dog friend to hang out with. She’ll get more individual attention, daily walks and all the squeaky toys she can handle. I’m not sure who’s more excited-them or me. Although she was more than welcome to live out her life here, I think this is an amazing opportunity for her and for their family. They’ve explained to the children about her age and that she may not have much time with them but they’re determined to make it quality time. I hope the weather holds out and we can get her to her forever home this weekend. Good luck Coco,  you’ve been an awesome foster and we love you!!!!

midwest dachshund festival 2012 019

Yappy Wiener Wednesday

Around here I like to celebrate TGIF but for the Dachshunds, it’s TGIWW for Wiener Wednesday. We started this many years ago and it’s our fun mid week celebration. Usually we have pizza and watch TV-pretty exciting life huh? Last week it was running the sweeper and going to the gym. We did have a little party for our foster dog Coco’s 18th birthday.

coco birthday

coco birthday

Our youngest dog, Sweet Tart, is also celebrating her birthday this month so we let her share in the goodies. Thanks to our good friends at JP’s Doghouse, we had plenty of healthy dog goodies to go around.

sweetie birthday

sweetie birthday

Of course we had to get something soft because out of the ten dogs here, we could probably only make three full heads of teeth. We ended up softening the treats in water then breaking them up and splitting them into bowls. Sorry stuffed dogs, we didn’t make any for you guys. DSCF0082





Our dogs may not have many teeth but their eyesight is pretty darn good. I swear they can see a bunny a mile away even if they are inside the house looking through the sliding door. We love our seniors! Yappy Birthday Coco and Sweet Tart and Yappy Wiener Wednesday everyone.