Happy Wiener Wednesday and New Pups at the Palace

We all hope everyone’s having a great Wiener Wednesday. We’ve had two new additions to the Wiener Palace in the last month. We adopted silly Lily from DRNA as our Christmas present. She’s a sweet little dog but will need to have some mammary tumors removed soon. lily 2014Then when I was trying to take foster baby P-nut to adoptions, my husband decided she was already home. She’s such a pretty little pup but it’s like having a kid. She has a snotty nose frequently and you have to wipe it. Lucky for all of us, she’s very patient and tolerates it well. We’ve had her for about two years as a foster due to her medical issues and it was time for her to get adopted one way or another. So that makes an even half dozen wieners that call the Wiener Palace their permanent home. I’m sure we’ll have more fosters to share soon. Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “Happy Wiener Wednesday and New Pups at the Palace

    • they do a wordless Wednesday on Blogpaws but I’d be happy to join a Weensday blog hop. that would be fun!

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