Help Fix Princess Fiona’s Broken Heart

Our little Princess Fiona has been sick for some time now but we can’t figure out what’s wrong with her. She’s been to our vet numerous times and all her tests have come back normal or negative. We took her to a specialty hospital a few weeks ago and they did a full cardiac work up that didn’t show much either. Last week I took her to Purdue for a neurological consult but they think it’s cardiac in origin so more testing. Please send prayers, good thoughts, healing energy, what ever you can to help heal our little sweetie pie.¬† At the urging of friends, we started a fundraiser for her care so she can continue to help people with her job as a therapy dog. You can read more about her health problems and the fundraiser by clicking here. Our friends at Dachshund Delights are also doing a fundraiser. If you buy anything with their “Princess Fiona” pattern, they will donate 15% back to Fiona’s vet care. You can view the pattern and order by clicking here. ¬†Thanks for keeping our sweet baby girl in mind as we continue our quest to heal her broken heart. The Wiener Palace has already lost our Queen this year and we don’t want to lose the Princess too. If you have any suggestions or have dealt with something similar, please let us know. This is really a big mystery and we need to figure it out and get her fixed up as soon as possible. Thanks!Princess Fiona

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