It’s a Puppy Invasion

Nothing like a puppy to brighten up this dreary winter. Of course we never do things in a small way around here so now there are three foster puppies hanging out at the Wiener Palace. They have puppy colds, most likely from being young puppies that ended up in a shelter. They are hanging out here to take their medicine and grow a little before they are altered and ready for adoption. It seems like we foster puppies maybe once or twice a year. Often enough that every time we do, I’m reminded why we love our seniors. Puppies are cute and I love their puppy breath but what a lot of work especially with three of them. They are very smart puppies and I’m sure will be quickly adopted. Enjoy some pictures from their arrival and thanks for opting to adopt. DSCF0523

DSCF0486DSCF0520DSCF0535DSCF0530  DSCF0505 DSCF0508 DSCF0512

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