It’s National Puppy Day

DSCF0556 May 2008 bdayfosterpups 044   Most of you know my thoughts on puppies. They’re smelly, they tear up things, potty all over and still end up being adult dogs in a short period of time. They are really cute and I would buy puppy breath in a bottle if I could. However I will never understand why some people are so set on getting a puppy rather than considering an older dog that could already be trained, housebroken, past the chewing stage and known to be good with children/dogs/cats. If you are willing to wait, every breed/age/sex/color/age of animal ends up in rescue at some time. Give me a one eyed diabetic senior dog instead of a puppy any day! But we do foster puppies about once a year to remind us how much work they really are. So here are some of our past puppy fosters. All of these puppies, both purebred and mixed breeds were all available for adoption through a rescue group or shelter.  Enjoy and remember to opt to adopt. foster pups for IACCD 7-5-09 022fosters july 09 part 2 027fosters 4-11 006fosters 11-09 024

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