Now Where Did I Leave That Dog?

As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. Today though it was the Queen of the Wiener Palace who decided to go astray.  We usually juggle our work hours so the dogs don’t have to be alone for too many hours. When you’ve got so many seniors and special needs pups, they need to be let out more often than younger dogs. Well today we both had to be at work early so hubby agreed to run home at lunch and let them out. I was working a little late at another campus when he called and left me a voice mail message to call home “Right now!” I called him and he asked me where I was and I asked him where he was. He said he was at home but he had lost our only non Dachshund, Tatianna.

He was sure that she came in at lunch and sure that she was in the house when he left. I was equally sure that one of those things was not true. He was absolutely convinced that he gave her a treat before leaving so she was in the house.  Since she’s 16 with a history of mammary cancer, I thought maybe she had passed away somewhere in the house. He’s looking all over-and trust me when I say the Wiener Palace is not palatial at all and all on one level. He was becoming frantic and still couldn’t find her. I left work but told him to call if he found her. I got home after about 40 minutes and he still hadn’t found her. He was still convinced that she was in the house when he left. I told him that I was pretty darn sure that no one broke into our house and  took only a 16 year old mixed breed dog. I was also sure that she did not let herself out of the house.

We took off through the neighborhood calling her name. She loves to chase bunnies so I thought she might have headed down to the pond where the bunnies hang out. We were walking around for about half an hour when he called and said some kids told him that they had seen her one block over. I headed down the next street calling her name. I found a person who also said they had seen her but she was heading South. He was already going that way so I kept heading West through the subdivision. There was a crew doing some lawnwork and I looked past them to see a little white dog trotting down the street. I was calling her name but I guess her hearing isn’t what it used to be. She was following a guy walking down the sidewalk although she was in the street. He said she had been following him for awhile. When I got close enough and she could hear me, she walked up to me and let me pick her up. She was very hot and tired but looked like she hadn’t been injured during  her walkabout. I called hubby to come pick us up and take us home. She’s been exhausted since we got home and even ate her dinner laying down.

My original post was going to be about microchips and how they help reunite pets with their owners. All our dogs are chipped  but they don’t wear collars in the house. We had a foster dog get his tags caught in a crate one night and almost choke to death so I don’t leave collars on them when they are inside. Microchips are great because they are permanent and can’t be removed. The main problem with them is that many people still don’t know about them and if they find a pet, they don’t take it to be checked. My sister has a tiny dog that is an escape artist and she got him microchipped after his first escape. When he got out the next time, my young nephew was excited because he was chipped so he thought it would be easier to find him this time.  He thought it would work like a GPS but not so much.  The family that found him had never taken him to be checked. Microchips are great but only when people know about them. I have our vet check the dogs every year during their annual exam to make sure that the chip is still working and hasn’t migrated. Local rescues and shelters will often have fundraisers where you can get your pet chipped for a low price or even free. It’s just another tool to help your pet get back to you if “someone” accidentally lets the dog out through the garage and then leaves for work.

Poor Tatianna had quite the adventure today. She was loose in the neighborhood for about seven hours. We’re very lucky that she didn’t get hit by a car or attacked by another animal. I just can’t believe that so many people saw her but no one thought that it was strange that a little dog with bows in her hair was out wandering the neighborhood. She’s been sleeping and dreaming of bunnies ever since she got back home. Long Live the Queen! DSCF0292

7 thoughts on “Now Where Did I Leave That Dog?

  1. How scary! I bet both you and Jerry were majorly stressed out! I’m so glad Tatianna is OK. My friend has GPS tags on her dogs’ collars. Of course, they must have the collar on to be helpful but she can located the dog with any computer or smart phone via the internet. They are only $149 for the tag but I’m not sure about monthy fees.

  2. Oh my dog! Glad she made it home safe and is no worse for wear from her day long adventure. She was out doing whatever queens do in their kingdom. Or is it queendom?

    Regardless, bless you for chipping the royal court. Ours do not wear collars in the house for safety reasons also. Our vet scans the dogs each and every time we are there, even if we walk on over for a weigh-in and a quick bordatella shot. The scanner is already to go. Microchipping our pets is a must for so many reasons, as is education about scanning lost dogs.

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