Officer Chase-Wordless Wiener Wednesday

The self appointed protector of the Wiener Palace-Officer Chase. He went down in his back a few days ago but we’re hopeful that he will regain full use of his rear legs and continue his security patrols.

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12 thoughts on “Officer Chase-Wordless Wiener Wednesday

  1. Officer Chase is such a handsome man and a great protector. I hope that God realizes how important Chase is to the safety of the girls in the Wiener Palace and sees fit to restore all of the wonderful Chases’s functions. Jenny and Katee’s thoughts and prayers are with you Officer Chase and your wonderful family. Maybe the Officer could become a male model, he looks so deboneer in these pictures.

    • Thanks Sugar, he takes his job very seriously. He’s all about keeping the house and the herd safe from intruders even if those intruders are birds or squirrels.

    • We hope soo too Caren. He’s already had some motor movement in one hind leg so that’s pretty incredible for just one week post op. Thanks

    • Thanks, he’s a handsome boy but can be a handful at times with all his rules and regulations that he wants the other dogs to follow :)

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