Poop Goes The Wiener

So the cold weather and snow continues and still the garage door is not properly fixed. Hubby has been “working on it” at least a month now. I guess he doesn’t realize how annoying it is to not be able to get the door to open and close properly especially if you’ve got dogs with you. Our therapy dogs are starting a new volunteer job as bereavement/comfort dogs for a local cemetery and we needed to go to orientation. First I can’t get the garage door to open then once it gets open, I can’t get it to shut. I put the dogs in the car while it’s warming up and go stand by the door. According to the hubby, if you stand there and use your garage door opener(defeats the purpose of having one if you have to get out of the car)and “help” it close, then it will stay closed. No, not the way it worked for me at all. I swear it took me about five minutes to finally get it to shut most of the way, enough that I could leave. I try to open the car door, I guess one of the dogs had stepped on the door and locked it. Now I have to fight the garage door to go back inside to get the spare keys. Then it’s another five minutes of door wrangling before I can finally get in the car to leave. I looked down as I’m getting in the car and lo and behold, Pebbles the wonder brat had pooped in my seat. At this point, no way am I trying to open the garage door again. I grabbed the poop with some napkins and threw the whole thing into the snow. We finally made it to our orientation without missing too much. I’m really excited, I think it will be a real comfort to those who are mourning(assuming Pebbles doesn’t poop on them).

After going back home and fighting the garage door again, it was time to take foster baby Coco to the vet for a re-check. After a year and a half she had a family waiting to adopt her but the weather wasn’t cooperating and she burst an anal gland last week. I go through all the garage door drama and Coco is doing well, just needs to continue her antibiotics and re-check again in a week. We head back home stopping of course at the pet store so she can get some new squeaky toys and treats to take with her. We get home and I am fighting to get that darn garage door open. I finally manage to get it open half way so we can get inside. But at this point I can’t go anywhere and leave the door half open so I’m stuck at home. I text the hubby to tell him the door is stuck halfway and his brilliant one word response is “duck”. Maybe not the best response when you’re already in the dog house for not getting the garage door fixed. When he gets home, he then spends even more time trying to research the problem online. I’m over it and I’m calling a repair guy first thing on Monday.

Coco’s new family isn’t worried about the re-check, they’re just anxious to get her so we planned on taking her down on Sunday. As we’re packing her bags on Saturday night, hubby gets really sad and upset. Then he tells me that he really didn’t want to adopt her out and he’s sad about it. Well, it’s a little too late now. There is a family and small children expecting her to show up the next day. I tell him we can compromise and he can keep P-nut if he wants since she’s so stinking cute and has been with us for so long. While I do feel sorry for him, he really needed to speak up especially since I asked him about a million times if he was ok with her getting adopted. After more discussion it turns out that he’s still really sad about losing Tatianna and now he feels like he’s losing another dog that’s been with us for a long time.

Luckily the weather held out and we were able to drive down there on Sunday. They live in a beautiful area with woods and a small creek. Definitely a scent hound’s idea of paradise. We had taken Fiona with us so we let the dogs out to potty before going in. Coco wanted to track bunnies but finally peed and we went inside. Everything was going great, she was wandering around meeting everyone and checking out the rooms. She came back to the family room where we were and hubby says “she has to poop”. Now why he didn’t just pick her and put her outside, I’ll never know. I ask him why he thinks she has to poop and he points and says that it was already coming out. I pick her up and she proceeds to poop down my leg and onto their carpet.  I guess that’s a great test of how people will act to accidents. No biggie, they both cleaned it up along with the surprise she left in the other room. I took her outside to finish up and get it all out of her system. Silly dog, I guess maybe all the excitement got to her. Her meet and greet went great and she’s with her new family. They had gone to the store the night before and bought her a doggie bed and a bunch of squeaky toys(her idea of Heaven). How amazing that a family, especially one with young children, would be willing to adopt an 18 year old knowing they are going to have to have that hard talk with their children sooner rather than later. This isn’t the first time that we’ve adopted a senior out to a family with kids but I still think it’s amazing. They are teaching their children compassion for all living beings no matter how old they are. Here’s a pic of Coco with her new family. This is why we do what we do even thought sometimes it’s tough. I hope this week will bring less poop my way. Thanks for opting to adopt! DSCF0471

8 thoughts on “Poop Goes The Wiener

  1. Congrats to Cocco and new family…it’s such a bittersweet moment for you guys though. So sad for Jerry but sadder for you and your possessed garage door! Blessings on you for all you guys do….you rock!

  2. Made me laugh and cry. I love Pebbles!!!!! She reminds me so much of a trained Katee!!!! I am so glad for Coco, her new family are very lucky. Lastly, are you sure that you are not married to Bob??? Let’s start with not being honest about feelings, go on to the garage door bit, I don’t give Bob a chance to fix anything, and lastly poop. Katee will look at Bob and bark for 15 minutes and then poop. He will ask her why she didn’t tell him that she had to go…..what does he expect her to say????? Just get up and let her out!!!!

    • I know, don’t tell me she’s going to poop if you see her pooping-take her out! At least her new family was cool about it. The garage door guy is coming on Wednesday to finally fix the door the right way.

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