Rock on Senior Wiener!

Happy Wordless Wiener Wednesday everyone. I’ve got some outstanding news to announce. Our almost 18 year old foster is going to be adopted as soon as the weather lets up! We took in Coco and her brother Sammy in the summer of 2012. sammy and coco (2)They were owner surrendered with a request for euthanasia due to age and illness. Lucky for them, the staff realized that being elderly is not a crime that should be punishable by death. So we pulled them for Wags Strays and off they went. They were supposedly 16 at their time of surrender and we honestly thought they would end up their lives at the wiener palace. Sadly Sammy was an insulin dependent diabetic which we didn’t realize until his blood work came back. By then he was in diabetic ketoacidosis compounded by pneumonia and sadly we had to let him go after only a week.

Coco has been here living the high life as part of our “Royal trio”.midwest dachshund festival 2012 024 I really couldn’t believe it when I got an email stating that she had a family seriously interested in her. We’ve talked by phone and e-mail very frequently and I think it will be wonderful¬†for Coco to have her own kids and a dog friend to hang out with. She’ll get more individual attention, daily walks and all the squeaky toys she can handle. I’m not sure who’s more excited-them or me. Although she was more than welcome to live out her life here, I think this is an amazing opportunity for her and for their family. They’ve explained to the children about her age and that she may not have much time with them but they’re determined to make it quality time. I hope the weather holds out and we can get her to her forever home this weekend. Good luck Coco,¬† you’ve been an awesome foster and we love you!!!!

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  1. This is the most wonderful news ever! I know people are reluctant to adopt senior dogs and cats – but they don’t realize that giving them a nice quality end of life is good for them and well as the humans. With the understanding that they are older – no reason not to experience that love. As for me, I try to push for senior adoptions because being older is just part of life – just like people. In fact, when our cat hobie was 18 the vet said he had kidney failure (something all cats eventually die of when they age – if there’s nothing else wrong with them). He told us that Hobie was a geriatric cat and that we should put him down. But there was nothing wrong with hobie. he was still hanging about -and maybe not grooming himself like he used to. Otherwise healthy. When Hobie got to 20yrs old he went back for more bloodwork. Again, the vet strongly suggested we put him down and that he had at most 2-3 months to live. We asked what we could do to keep him comfortable – since there was nothing otherwise wrong with him other than the grooming thing. He said we could put him on IVs to keep him hydrated – but it may not prolong his life more than 3 months. We just wanted to keep him comfortable so we agreed. Hobie absolutely loved the IVs. Every evening he would jump on the dryer to get his IV fix and he would purr and rub against my daddy in sheer happiness. Hobie lived another year and a half – way past the three months the vet indicated. And he was happy.

    • We love seniors around here. I really didn’t think she’d get adopted at her age. We’ve had maybe two or three people ask about her but usually her age was the deciding factor. This family has another senior dog and she’s explained to the kids about her age. I think not only are they going to be a great family for her but that they will adopt more seniors in the future. She’s already told me both her and her mom are interested in hospice or seniors. So excited for all of them.

  2. My best memory of Coco is at the Bark for Life Event in Hamilton County. Coco and my Katee were going thru the “Give Away” Bags and eating all the treats!!! I just read some where that Dachshunds now live to be 20, so Coco enjoy your new family!!!! The new family is honored to adopt such a loving baby.

    • I swear she’s going to live forever! She’s such a healthy little dog and so full of life. I hope they have a long time with her.

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