Run Free Sweet Prince

Sorry to have been MIA with posts lately. I’ve started and added to this post so many times over the last month but every time I end up stopping. It’s just been too difficult to relive the whole thing especially with Fiona’s health problems. I finally just had to force myself to sit and type and let the emotions run over.  It’s a good thing this isn’t on paper or it would be soggy from tears.

Sadly, the Wiener Palace has lost another member of its court. Our sweet beautiful Blitzen crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Monday August 11.blitzen at mwdf 2010 Blitzen was originally adopted from Wags Strays to keep Officer Chase company. Little did we know that Officer Chase was a lady’s man but didn’t want a male buddy. Poor Blitzen was always blamed by Chase if anything happened to him. It didn’t matter if one of us accidentally tripped over him or if one of the other dogs ran into him, everything was Blitzen’s fault. Even though they didn’t end up being buddies, he found a BFF in a little female we adopted the next year, Cocoa Puff. They truly loved each other and would snuggle up together and even took baths together.

Clean wieners

Clean wieners

Blitzen had many heart problems, most likely due to lack of medical care. He was found wandering on a horse farm and was still intact with a mouth full of nasty teeth. Not too long after we adopted him, I felt like something was wrong with him. After several tests, we found out that he had heart problems. He did really well on minimal meds until a few years ago. Then he was really sick one New Year’s Eve morning and we rushed him to the emergency vet. They said that he was in congestive heart failure and he started on several different heart meds. He was still doing really well until a few weeks before he died. He was at the vet all day with two of his siblings and was being checked out for his coughing. Just about an hour after he got home, he had a seizure. We again rushed to the emergency vet and amazingly enough it was the same vet that had diagnosed his CHF years ago. He was so surprised to see him still alive and doing well. Blitzen seemed off after that but was pretty much back to normal until that early Monday morning. I woke up to his very noisy breathing. I took him out and got him a drink of water which usually helped but not this time. I told hubby I was taking him to the emergency vet because I was afraid he would have another seizure because breathing seemed to be such an effort for him.blitzen in fido rido (2)blitzen

The vet was a different one so while he was not familiar with Blitzen’s history, we had enough paperwork to give him an idea of his heart problems. He determined that his congestive heart failure was worsening but they were able to get him calmed down and resting. Unfortunately, he took a turn for the worse later that morning. The emergency vet is only open until 8 AM so I went to pick him up and take him to his regular vet but his poor old heart gave out on the way down there.  Both vets believe that his chordae tendineae ruptured. I think his heart was just so big and so full of love and joy for everyone that he met, that it just couldn’t contain itself any more.

Blitzen is the only dog that I’ve ever seen that truly was emotional. When he was sad, he would cry real tears and when he was happy, he would smile. He was the sweetest, most loving dog ever and I miss him terribly. 1914514_150823266772_4555997_nThe only consolation is knowing he’s back with his BFF Cocoa Puff who died almost exactly four years before him. Blitzen is gone but he left behind a legacy that I didn’t realize until I contacted the rescue that we adopted him from to let them know that he had passed. We adopted him late one year and about six months later, they called and asked if we could foster a Dachshund for them that was at the shelter and going to be euthanized. We agreed and have fostered for them now for over seven years and countless dogs. If we hadn’t adopted Blitzen, those dogs may not have been saved. And that’s the legacy that my sweet smiling boy has left behind. I see him when I look at our current foster dog P-nut and know that he saved her life. Run free my little Prince. I love you so much and will see you at the Rainbow Bridge with Cocoa picsblitzenblitzen blitzen


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  1. Very nicely written, I know how hard it was, I am in tears just reading. Blitzen was a very special, one of a kind baby. I know that you miss him, but know that you did all that you could. Thanks to you he enjoyed life to the fullest and I know that he knew that he was loved.

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