Time to Wash the Wieners

As a multidog household, we have to learn to do many things ourselves. This includes grooming the wiener herd. Lucky for me, we had a girl in our Dachshund Meetup group who showed Dachshunds and she taught me how to groom our dogs.  Once a month, everybody in the house gets their hair cut(except me). I used to use the same clippers on Jerry and the dogs but thought I would be nice and let him have his own. Now I have a grooming table with arm and some good dog clippers, thinning shears and high quality nail clippers. This has saved us a ton of money over the years. I think Dachshunds are some of the easiest dogs to maintain and best of all-no doggy smell! I didn’t really appreciate that until we adopted Tatianna last year. She is maybe a Lhasa/Chinese Crested mix and is definitely the Queen of the Wiener Palace. She was 15 when we adopted her and we thought she was going to be a hospice dog. This is what she looked like when she got to the shelter. tatianna 4-2012She was shaved down and this is her when she came to live with us. tatianna 6-10-12 011Well I had no idea how hard it was to keep a white fluffy dog like her looking and smelling clean. It’s been quite the job especially since she is not a fan of grooming and will attempt to bite you with those six or so teeth that are left in her head. I’ve put off having her groomed professionally even after we found out that her cancer had not spread and we removed the tumor she had. She gets so stressed that I didn’t want to risk her stroking our or worse during the grooming. Finally, we’ve had her over a year so I had to break down and do it. I found a groomer right outside my vet’s office and talked to them at length before making the appointment. Both the groomer and the vet knew my concerns and my vet even went over and picked her up after her grooming and took her back to their office so she could hang out with Pebbles the rest of the day. I have to tell you, that was the best $30 I think I’ve ever spent on the dogs! Usually I trim her face first then Jerry feeds her peanut butter while I do her body and avoid her nubby teeth. I’m guessing she was pretty good for them and this was the finished product DSCF0129I’m tickled that she looks so great and I didn’t have to fight with her. I’ve also told her that I will NEVER have another white fluffy dog like her with such fine hair that tangles so easy. Or if I do, I’ll make sure that dog is good with grooming. Now it’s the end of the month so time to groom the Doxies. Everybody gets nails, paws trimmed, ears cleaned and body trims if needed once a month. Here’s how my poor wieners get washed when they need a bath.

Clean wieners

Clean wieners

I want to give a shout out to Barx Boutique, you can maintain the Queen’s look and save me some grief. They also have a bakery so I picked up some treats for the wiener herd while I was down there. DSCF0133They also have some really cute clothes. I bought the girls an outfit to wear to the retirement facility next week. DSCF0123You can check out their shop by clicking on their name above. They also do photography but I think Tati had enough stress for that day. Do you groom your own dogs or pay someone to do it? This was my first experience having a dog groomed but it was well worth it!  Dog Bless the groomers who battle with our dogs so we can enjoy clean pups. You have my endless appreciation for the work you do. P.S. About an hour after getting her home, Jerry went to feed the dogs. He wrapped one of her supplements in cheese which then got stuck in her ears. She was sucking on her ear, trying to get the cheese out. So much for the nice clean fluffy dog!

6 thoughts on “Time to Wash the Wieners

    • Thanks, I think she looks adorable now! The dress also had a matching leash to go with the panties and harness dress. I think Pebbles will probalby end up wearing it as it’s a small and Fiona is about ten pounds.

    • Who knew there was such a cute little dog hiding under all that hair? It’s day six and she’s still got her hair bows in-so far so good!

    • Thanks so much! It’s definitely a work in progress but I’m enjoying it and learning so much more than I ever thought I would.

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