Welcome to the Wiener Palace

As a little girl, I dreamed of being a Princess and living in a castle with my Prince Charming. Well fate has a funny way of answering those dreams. Instead of living like a Princess in a lovely castle, I live at the Wiener Palace as it’s been dubbed by my friends. Now granted there are worse places that  you could live but it isn’t *quite* the kind of Palace I had in mind. I guess I should have been more specific with my wishes.

I have always been animal crazy ever since I was a little girl. My mom used to tell a story about a fly being in my cup and I was crying because I wanted to save it. The fly was probably having a great time swimming around in that milk until I ruined it for him and “saved” him from drowning. We always had pets growing up, usually cats and dogs but some small furry friends and even a snake. I have adopted dogs and cats and began helping with rescue many years ago.

A co-worker had bred a litter of Dachshunds and one was being returned by the owner because it was simply “too dumb”. I agreed to take her and find her a new home. I certainly was not going to keep it! I had worked as a vet tech and Dachshunds were known as “land sharks”. My sister had been bitten by one years ago and I just was not a big fan of the breed. I picked up this tiny six month old puppy and she was pretty darn cute. I took her home, explaining that she was just passing through. Instead she charmed her way into the house and thus began my life with Dachshunds.

Here is the darling Pebbles the wonder dog who started the wiener craze. She is the court jester and will do anything for a treat. She was the first citizen of the Wiener Palace and is one of our therapy dogs. She’s still going strong at the age of 13.

pebbles in mailbox
pebbles in mailbox

So here I sit at my computer desk(aka throne), ruling over a herd of  Dachshunds, a couple of wannabe wieners and my hubby. That’s how this story starts, I guess you’ll have to follow us to find out what happens when you live in a wiener palace. Thanks for reading and remember to Opt to Adopt.

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