What a Week!

Well the weather has been a tiny bit better this weekend but we did go from sub zero temps to rain to snow again all in a few days. This week was our first week back doing our pet therapy visits since we lost Tatianna. On Tuesday, it was time for our monthly visit to the retirement village. I love going there but I was really worried about how the residents would react to our loss. Tati had a very special friend there that always grabbed her as soon as we walked in. I was afraid that if started asking for her as we walked in, that I would start blubbering. I asked the Activities Coordinator to tell her and the others before we got there. They knew she was living on borrowed time and I had told them back in October that her time was limited but I wanted them to know before we just showed up without her. Let me back it up a few days, we were supposed to start back with our middle school reading program the previous Thursday. I had told the dogs we were “going to school” before I left for work that morning. When I got home to pick them up, I had to open the garage door manually since it wasn’t working right. Silly me, I turned the handle to get more leverage but all that did was lock the door. I go in and out through the garage all the time so I don’t even carry any house or garage keys. I had to call my hubby to come home and let me in. Since that took so long, we couldn’t go to the school that night. Pebbles, the original wiener, was so mad. She kept pushing her nose into my leg all night then barking at me. So sorry wiener, it just wasn’t going to happen.

When I got home last Tuesday, I told the dogs we were “going to work”. Pebbles went crazy and was bouncing all around. I went out and started my car since it was actually below zero outside and let it run for a while. I went out the front door(garage door still wasn’t working right) and went to put them in the car. Of course my back up key set fob had a dead battery. I was trying to balance the dogs in the freezing cold while unlocking the door. I finally got it done and headed back inside to lock up and get my purse but the front door wouldn’t open. Thankfully I had unlocked the door to the garage earlier so I had to go over there and fight with the garage door to get back in the house. Finally we were on our way and it only takes about five minutes to get there so the dogs weren’t buckled into their car seat. There was no place close to park so I pulled into a spot, opened my door and out ran Pebbles with no coat, collar or leash on. Naked wiener on the loose in the parking lot! I went running after her after locking the others in the car. Granted she was headed straight for the front door but you just don’t take off running through a parking lot. Grabbed her and went back to the car to get loaded up. When we got inside, she continued her naughty ways of not listening and trying to sneak out the door(she did succeed once). Don’t believe this sweet and innocent picture-that’s far from the truth.

pebbles in mailbox

pebbles in mailbox

On to Wednesday. Our 18 year old foster has a family that is very interested in adopting her so we’ve been working to get their application completed and arrange a time for us to go down there. We were hoping to take her down there this weekend but on Wednesday evening she started licking at her hind end. I didn’t see anything wrong with it other than it was a little red from all the licking. The next morning she seemed better so I wasn’t too worried about it. When I got home, it was time to try getting to the middle school to help the kids with their reading. I had planned to stop at a rep’s house on the way and do some more work then go over to the school. I loaded up the dogs and off we went. When I got to the stoplight by the school, Pebbles started whining because she recognized the area. Instead I turned and went to my friend’s house. I know she was mad because as soon as we walked in, she stopped and squeezed out a spot of pee right in the middle of her carpet. My friend’s a pet lover and has a dog and a cat so it wasn’t a big deal to her. I knew that it was Pebbles way of giving me the middle finger for not taking her to school. When we got to school. she was actually very well behaved but I wasn’t taking any chances so I stayed with her reading group and sent Fiona off with some other girls. That night Coco was back to licking herself and I looked at it again. Great, she’s ruptured an anal gland. Off to the vet bright and early on Friday morning to have it confirmed. She’s now on three meds and gets a re-check in a week. Her adoption has been pushed back yet again. Between the weather and her health I think it’s going to be Spring before she ever makes it down there.

That’s a pretty typical week in the life around here. That doesn’t even begin to touch on the goofy husband and the things he does or my work. Hope you’re having a Super Sunday. We’re gearing up for another snow storm in a few days. Officer Chase will head back to the vet on Tuesday for more rehab(if the weather cooperates) and hopefully Coco will get to her new family. Thanks for opting to adopt!

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