Wordless Wiener Wednesday-Baby It’s Cold Outside

This weather is for the birds-certainly not for the Dachshunds. Between the cold and the snow, it’s been difficult to get the shorties out to even potty. Here’s how Princess Fiona spent the day. I hope she didn’t pull a muscle with all those position changes. And the last picture is Blitzen who decided to climb in the toy bin. Stay warm out there!

fiona 2-11 003 fiona 2-11 004 fiona 2-11 005 fiona 2-11 007 fiona 2-11 008 fiona 2-11 006


7 thoughts on “Wordless Wiener Wednesday-Baby It’s Cold Outside

    • Pixel, it’s been so cold here too! I had 4 wieners piled on me earlier and a blanket. Hope you are feeling better.

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