Wordless Wiener Wednesday-Home From BlogPaws

As I tend to do, I got a wild hair and decided that I HAD to go to BlogPaws this year even though I didn’t have a ticket or a place to stay. Somehow it all worked out and I was able to go for Friday and Saturday. I’m still tired from all that driving and lack of sleep but here’s some pictures for our Wordless Wiener Wednesday. Our little pup Fiona McSnuggles went with me and we made new friends, ran into some old friends(like the ferret that Fiona tasted at the last BlogPaws, and met some celebrities. I’ll post more about what I learned in some later posts once I’ve slept and unpacked. As always, thanks for opting to adopt!

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6 thoughts on “Wordless Wiener Wednesday-Home From BlogPaws

    • She’s a ham-as long as somebody’s paying attention to her royal Highness. I should have taken more but I was juggling her, my purse and her travel bag most of the time. So much fun!

    • I still haven’t even put away Fiona’s clothes and my swag yet. Maybe this weekend and then I can sit down and write more. Thanks for dropping by.

    • I’m a dork like that. I was obsessing over it and was able to connect with someone that had a ticket but couldn’t go. Then it turned out I had enough loyalty points for a free room and the girls at work had given me gift cards for my birthday so I filled my tank up with them. It’s so much fun and so energizing. My hubby’s telling me to get my ticket now while they’re discounted but I don’t know about the expense of flying. Thanks for stopping by.

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