Yorkies and Puppies and Geeks-Oh My

This week begins my husband’s favorite time of the year-Gen Con. I seriously think the only reason he moved to Indy was so he could save on housing and travel to hang out there. He was 40 when we married and he had always been single and a gamer. His friends would drive over and stay at the house for the week. I hate to think what the house must have looked/smelled like during those times. The year after we married, his friends were planning on doing their usual pilgrimage over here so I went to Las Vegas for the week. Sadly, I can’t afford to do that every year so I’ve shared our house with some of  his gaming friends over the years.

One of his friends has come over every year to go to Gen Con, I’ll call him Bill. As a 60 ish year old single man that is a gamer, he is somewhat socially inept. He’s a very nice guy but will not even look me in the eyes when talking to me because I’m a female and that just makes him downright uncomfortable. He is also scared of dogs. So he is supposed to be here on Friday night one year and I’m thinking he’ll probably be in late like Jerry. Gen Con runs 24 hours a day from Wednesday through Sunday afternoon so there really isn’t any down time for them. I hear someone trying to come in through the garage early on Friday but of course I can’t see the garage door from the front door. Finally the door bell rings and the dogs start going crazy. I realize it’s Bill and yell through the door that I need to put the dogs out before opening the front door. At the time, we were fostering a momma Beagle mix and her three young puppies

foster pups for IACCD 6-09 004

and a biting elderly Yorkie foster


along with our wiener herd.

Everybody was outside while he was bringing his clothes in. In the middle of this, I noticed that the fence was down and the puppies were running wild. I opened the sliding door and let the other dogs in and went to chase the puppies. When I got back in, the herd had Bill trapped behind the baby gate. He looked like he was going to pass out at any time, sweating profusely and looking all googly eyed. Did I mention that he’s scared of dogs, even little ankle biters? I finally get everyone put away and that’s the end of day one.

The next night I get home and Bill is already there. He is sitting in the extra bedroom looking at  his laptop in the dark. When I ask him why he isn’t in the living room, he said he didn’t want to bother the dogs. I told him that it’s our house so heck with the dogs and bothering them. Everybody sleeps peacefully and when we wake up, it’s Sunday morning. Jerry is going to make breakfast for us before they head back to the final day of Gen Con. We would get up early and try to get the dogs out and pottied before Bill would get up so he wouldn’t have to worry about them. Jerry lets Nelson, the biting Yorkie back in. As he comes in, he stops and shakes himself and poop flings everywhere-all over the kitchen floor. Jerry goes to pick him up and clean his butt and Nelson bites his thumb. As Jerry is standing in the middle of the poo splattered floor with the Yorkie hanging off his thumb and blood dripping from it, Bill walks into the kitchen. As we’re cleaning it all up, Jerry asks Bill what he would like for breakfast. The poor guy stammers and looks like he’s about to throw up. He ends up saying he needs to get home to his mom so he’s just going straight to Gen Con. I think if he could have disappeared then and there, he would have.

That was the last time that Bill stayed for any length of time at the Wiener Palace. Every year his stay has been shorter and shorter. This year Jerry told him that we were up to ten dogs including fosters and Bill said he would not be staying over at all. I do really feel sorry for him, I can’t imagine being so afraid of dogs(and women). Come to think of it, the last two years he had to share his room with our cat. I guess we finally did him in with the magic number of ten. I hope they all have a great time at Gen Con where the only animals will be people in costume.

10 thoughts on “Yorkies and Puppies and Geeks-Oh My

  1. OMG. Though you told me about “Bill” before, this post is freakin’ hysterical! I hope all of Jerry’s Gen-Con dreams came true this year. :)

  2. Love the visual. Thanks for the big smile.

    I’m not a gamer, but I’ve watched things on Gen-Con on TV and it made me want to jump in; it’s amazing how many people are involved and the competitions are astounding; I don’t think I can do something for such an extended period of time. Love that there’s no age limit when it comes to the love of gaming.

    • Looking back, it was hilarious. I was a little upset at the time though :) it’s a huge deal and so much fun to just wander around downtown and see everybody dressed up. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for the laugh! I can clearly visualize the whole thing! I was, however, totally clueless about Gen Con. I had to Google it!

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